Accounting services



  • Design the Company’s accounting policy, valuation methods and ledger accounts
  • Maintain the sales and purchase ledger on behalf of the Company
  • Monthly keeping of accounting registers according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the National Accounting Standards (NAS)
  • Daily accounting check-up
  • Monitoring and control of cash flows
  • Ensure that all invoices are stored securely and kept for at least the mandatory period




  • Compulsory VAT registration
  • Optional VAT registration
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns to the relevant tax offices on monthly basis
  • VAT refunds


Fixed assets


  • Maintain asset register (maintaining individual records per item)
  • Ensure that items are capitalised in line with local law
  • Ensure that depreciation is applied correctly


Payroll Services


Payroll accounting

  • Provide payroll accounting for the Company’s employees and maintain individual payroll data
  • Provide payroll accounting for any temporary employees of the Company
  • Prepare reports to the local authorities as required by local law
  • Act as the point of contact with authorities and represent the Company
  • Prepare data and statistical reports according to local law
  • Produce payroll calculations for input into the Company’s accounts
  • Calculate the tax and social and health insurances to be paid


Maintenance of employee records

  • Maintain full records of all employees on the payroll
  • Maintain records of all temporary employees
  • Ensure that records are kept up to date for all employees joining and leaving the payroll
  • Ensure that records are stored securely and kept for at least the mandatory period



Labour administration

  • Prepare documents for joining and leaving employees
  • Summarise work hours on the basis of maintaining an attendance register
  • Record holidays and permissions for holidays
  • Record sickness absences
  • Ensure that Company is kept up to date with changes to employment laws
  • Prepare data reports to local authorities on sick leave, pension contributions etc.
  • Produce compulsory information to be given to employees




  • Manage bank transactions (and associated statement reconciliations)
  • Manage petty cash book (and associated reconciliations)
  • Monitoring, preparation and submission of payment documents for the funds of social and health insurance, income tax, other taxes and charges and company expenses;
  • Act as second signatory on all bank transactions (if needed)


International Management Reporting Services


  • Preparation of required financial management reports on monthly, weekly or daily bases for the Headquarters and Owners in relation to the financial status of the Company
  • Ensure that accruals and prepayments are accounted correctly.
  • Ensure that the management reports are sent on time to the central management
  • Prepare a comparison of the Company’s actual performance compared to Annual Plan
  • Production of ad hoc reports when required


Statutory reporting


  • Preparation and submission of the Official Annual financial reports, report forms and filling in of tax returns in accordance with IFRS, NAS and Bulgarian tax legislation
  • Consolidated reporting services
  • Accounting reconciliation
  • Ensure that accounts are produced in accordance with IFRS and NAS
  • Present all documents (with associated calculations and explanations) to auditors as and when required and produce audit papers.
  • Produce any statistical reports as required by local law

Tax Filing


  • Prepare and file all regular tax reports (VAT, Corporate tax, Personal income tax, Local tax and all other tax declarations as required by local law)
  • File modifications to company set up with the local tax authorities as appropriate
  • Ensure that Company is informed of all payable taxes and informed when there any changes to local law
  • Represent the Company at all tax authorities, as and when requested by those authorities
  • Preparation of the necessary tax statistical reports
  • Preparation of all year end tax declarations
  • Tax administration representation



Annual Planning


  • Assist the Cental Management and Managing Director in producing papers for the Annual Plan for the Company.
  • Estimate costs for future years
  • Preparation of Daughter Company Budgets


Additional included services

  • Registered address
  • Tax advisory
  • Financial advisory
  • HR and payroll advisory
  • Full representation in front of all government institutions